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Give Clean Water

Every dollar you give to water projects will be matched!
We are bringing clean water to the thirsty.
1 in 10 people do not have access to clean water. With your help, CRF is working to change that.

The CDC estimates that nearly 800 million people – many of whom are children – do not have access to an adequate water source. And across sub-Saharan Africa, people walk an average of more than 3 miles each day to collect water for their families and communities. Not only does this daily chore keep women and children from being able to work or attend school, but the water they collect typically carries bacteria and disease.

Will you join us in sharing clean water with people in need?
The Domino Effect
When you donate to drill a well through CRF, you’re not only providing clean water. You’re also helping to:
• Send children back to school
• Empower women to care for their homes, get jobs or attend school
• Improve community health through WaSH programs
• Foster economic development
• Share the Good News about Jesus through church planting

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Double the Impact
CRF can drill two wells for the price of one!
With our matching gift fund, every dollar you give to water projects will be matched. On average, our water projects cost $10,000, but we can drill a deep, plentiful water well for every $5,000 we receive!
With your help, more than 500,000 people drink clean water from one of our wells every day.

* as of April 2020 — If you don’t see your project on the map below, this may mean it’s still in progress.


How your donation gives clean water —and so much more!
Thanks to your generous gifts, we have been able to drill water wells and provide improved water sources for hundreds of communities. But our water projects do so much more than just providing clean water. They are the first step in a process that transforms lives and communities forever!

1. We Launch a Water Project

CRF’s Water Team works diligently and thoughtfully to select locations where we can make the biggest impact possible — and then we decide which technology will provide the best possible water source. In many locations, this means we drill a deep well. In other places, we improve existing water sources, provide water filtration systems, or repair previously drilled wells that have broken down. Regardless of the technology we use, all of our water projects provide clean water for drinking, cooking and agriculture—improving the community’s health and economy.

2. People Celebrate Clean Water

There is always a huge party on the day that a water project is completed. Dancing and singing with a community that just received clean water for the first time makes all of our team’s hard, dusty work worthwhile. On the day of the party, the community’s newly established Water Advisory Council makes a commitment along with all others in attendance to properly manage and protect the water point for the good of the whole community.

3. Things Start to Change

Things start changing on the very first morning after a project is completed. Women and children who used to wake up before the sun to walk miles to fetch water now have access in their own backyard. Children in the community now have more time to attend school — and those who are in the greatest need are paired with CRF sponsors for the very first time! Finally, many women are able to dream about the future — will they start a small farm on their land, pursue an education that will allow them to better provide for their families, or volunteer to improve their communities?

4. The Community Grows

Clean water makes so many other things possible — and it is so inspiring to see what dreams communities achieve when they don’t have to worry about their basic need of water. Many communities start their own schools and churches. Families gather together to start farming and ranching cooperatives. Everyone from children to elders start to believe that the future will be brighter than the past.

5. We Keep Helping

CRF’s support doesn’t end when the water project is completed. In fact, it’s just starting! We begin by training the community about sanitation and hygiene and how to repair and maintain their water point. Our team stays engaged to help support and resource communities as they plant churches and start schools and farms. And we’re always on call in case there is a problem with the water project. CRF’s water projects are the first step in a massive transformation for a community in need. From the day we break ground, we’re committing for the long haul to work alongside our brothers and sisters to help their dreams for the future become realities.

Give to a CRF Water Project today!


Your gifts provide water, shelter, education and the GOSPEL to children in need.