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Frequently Asked Questions
When will I receive information about my child?

In just a few weeks you will receive your sponsorship welcome packet containing more information about your child as well as a framed photo!

Your support is essential in helping this child grow up to be like Jesus by caring for their entire being and ensuring they are developing intellectually, physically, spiritually, and socially. 

How much does sponsorship cost and what does it provide?
Child sponsorship costs $35 per month or $420 per year.

By sponsoring a child through Christian Relief Fund, you provide a child with food, clean water, clothing, medical care, schooling, and Bible teaching.

CRF program directors responsible for paying the required school fees, purchasing uniforms and school supplies, and assisting the child when medical care is needed. Your sponsored child will be provided two nourishing meals a day, either through their school or a CRF youth center. Families and caregivers of sponsored children may also be provided resources like bags of corn, flour, sugar, beans, rice and oil.

How much of my support gets to my child?
We work very hard to make sure as much of your sponsorship as possible makes it directly to your child.

We only use 5% of our total funding on administration and only 3% on fundraising, so 92+% of your donation will directly benefit your sponsored child.

You can find more information about our financial accountability here.

How long does child sponsorship last?
Christian Relief Fund is committed to the goal of helping children have brighter futures by completing their education and graduating from high school.

If sponsored children were unable to attend school prior to being sponsored, they may be older than 18 years of age when finishing their last year of school.

Once a sponsored child graduates from high school, sponsors have the opportunity to sponsor another child.

What happens to my child after they graduate high school?
After high school graduation, some students ask to attend a trade school so they can develop marketable skills. The cost of these 1 – 2 year programs is about the same as monthly sponsorship ($35). Continuing your sponsorship of the child through those two years is completely optional.

Some students score well in their secondary final exams and are able to attend college or university. This would be a 2 to 4 year program, and would cost more.

Sponsors are under NO obligation to continue the sponsorship at this point, or to increase their donation to support a child post high school.

What happens if I can no longer afford to sponsor my child?
We understand that life happens and can make it difficult to continue sponsorship.

If you can no longer continue your child sponsorship or need to make changes to your account, please reach out to us at 800-858-4038.

We will immediately begin looking for a new sponsor, and CRF will provide for the child’s support in the interim.

What does CRF do to encourage or help children grow in their relationship with Christ?
All of our programs are run by godly men and women whose goal is for the children in their care to grow as Jesus did: in wisdom (intellectually), in stature (physically), in favor with God (spiritually) and people (socially)—Luke 2:52.

Some of our programs are Christian orphanages and/or schools. In those situations the children are taught through lessons and example how to follow Jesus, how to read the Bible as their ultimate guide, and how to live lives that honor God.

Some children attend a before or after school program where they are taught the Bible.

Children are also encouraged to attend church with family members or schoolmates on Sundays.

I received a new sponsored child. What happened to my previous child?
Occasionally, a situation arises that requires a child to be removed from our sponsorship program.

When a sponsored child leaves the program for any reason, CRF will mail the sponsor a letter explaining the situation, along with information and a photo of another needy child.

Sponsors have the option of sponsoring the new child, selecting a different child, or canceling their sponsorship.

Can I travel to visit my child?
Yes. If your child lives in a location we are planning to visit on a mission trip, we encourage you to join us.

If we do not have a mission trip visiting your child’s location, you can contact us and we will do our best to help facilitate your visit.

Can I get updates on CRF's work?
You will receive a monthly newsletter from us as long as you wish to continue receiving it. This is a great source for information about the work CRF is doing around the world.

Another great way to stay in touch with CRF is to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.

How can I communicate with my sponsored child?
Once you sign up to be a child sponsor, a sponsorship packet will be mailed to you that includes a photo of your sponsored child, information about his or her life, and instructions on how you can keep in touch with them.

You are welcome to write your sponsored child anytime. Written communication is a tremendous encouragement to children in our programs. They often treasure your letters and photos for years to come.

You can write your sponsored child online through your CRF account.

Will my child write me?
Yes! Your child will write you at least twice per year. You will also receive a new photo each of your sponsored child each year so you can watch him or her grow.

If your child is too young to write, a CRF staff member will talk to your sponsored child and help them write a letter or draw a picture for you!

You can see all of the letters you have received from your sponsored child in your account under My Letters

Does my sponsored child receive my letters?
Yes! The first letter you send is likely the first letter your sponsored child has ever received! And his or her letter to you may be the first they have ever sent.

CRF has faithful volunteers who help us mail letters from sponsors each month. Typically, we send letters from the United States to your child’s country one-to-two times per month. Because it takes time for the letters to process through our volunteer system, around one month to mail internationally, and some time for our field workers to distribute the mail they receive, we encourage you to send letters approximately three months in advance of when you want the child to receive them.

Why does the spelling of my child's name change?
In developing countries, children often do not have birth certificates, so name spelling is left up to the child’s preference! As long as you make sure to include your sponsored child’s ID number when you write a letter, we will make sure your letter gets to the right place, no matter how a child’s name is spelled.
Why is my child so serious in their photo?
In many developing countries, the opportunity to have your picture taken is considered a great honor. Frequently, guardians will instruct their children to be reverent so as not to mess up the picture. The child will usually begin to giggle within moments after his picture is taken.

We are working to encourage children to smile for their photos, so you should see more smiles from sponsored children in the future.

Why does my sponsored child wear the same outfit in every picture?
In many countries around the world, uniforms are a mandatory part of day-to-day dress for school children, and field directors typically take the children’s photos at school. Your sponsorship provides your child with a uniform to wear.
Why did my orphaned child mention having parents in their letter?
In many countries, family names are given to people other than the biological family. If an adult relative or guardian lives with the child, they are often described as a “parent.”

For example, in East Africa, a child will call all respected adult women “mama,” and may even address you as his or her parent!

Why does my African sponsored girl have a shaved head in her photo?
In several African countries, shaved heads or closely-braided hair are mandatory as parts of the school uniform. This is for hygienic reasons, uniformity, and for the protection of a girl in a dangerous community.
How can I give a gift to my sponsored child?

The best way to provide a gift for your sponsored child is by simply making a donation. You can give a monetary gift to your sponsored child through your CRF account.

Learn more about giving gifts to your sponsored child. 

If you prefer to give over the phone or by mail, call 800-858-4038 or mail a check or cash to:

Christian Relief Fund
PO Box 19670
Amarillo, TX 79114

Whether you give online, over the phone, or through the mail, please remember to include your sponsored child’s name and ID number.

Can I mail gifts to my sponsored child?
Due to the high cost of mailing internationally, we do not send packages to sponsored children.

Learn more about giving gifts to your sponsored child.

Please send only one or two flat items with no declarable value that can easily fit in a 6” x 9” (or smaller) greeting card envelope. A few ideas are photos, bookmarks, a few stickers or coloring book pages. Please do not send cash in your letter envelope.

If you would like to send an additional monetary gift to your child, you can do so through your CRF account or send it to the CRF office and include your child’s complete name and ID number. We will make sure your gift gets to your child.

Can I designate what kind of gift is purchased for my child?

Because each child's situation is different we typically request the help of a local program director in your child's area to determine what gifts would be most appropriate for your child

The program director will then discuss with the child and/or the child’s family about what type of gift is needed based on the donation amount. Maybe your child’s greatest need is for new shoes, extra staple goods for the family’s table, a pair of chickens, or a Bible.

Once a gift is chosen, the program director or another field worker will purchase their gift and report back to our team in the US.

Finally, your child will write you a letter thanking you for the gift! If you do not receive a letter within six months of sending your gift donation, please contact us. We will contact our country office for more information.

When will my sponsored child receive my gift donation?
Because we seek to minimize wire fees, we wire additional gift donations to our programs with our sponsorship funds on a monthly basis to our programs. Depending on when your gift was donated within this cycle, your sponsored child should receive his gift within one to three months’ time.
Have a question that wasn’t answered on this page? We’re happy to help!
Give us a call at 800-858-4038 or email your question to
Your gifts provide water, shelter, education and the GOSPEL to children in need.