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Elvies Odiwuor

DOB: 07/11/2009
Gender: Male
Location: Kisumu, Kenya

Elvies' mother abandoned him long ago, and he has no brothers and sisters. Elvies' father is a fisherman who disappears for days at a time. When he comes to their grass-thatched hut, he brings companions and has little to do with his child. At his young age, Elvies is in charge of all of the house work. He does not know how to cook, so access to meals is also difficult for him. Your sponsorship will meet this child's needs.

Your sponsorship will help this child grow up to be like Jesus by providing them with nutritious meals, clean water, new clothing, a quality education, opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities, basic medical care, and spiritual guidance from local Christian ministers, teachers and community leaders.

Your gifts provide water, shelter, education and the GOSPEL to children in need.